used car prices

Used Car Prices

Hertz Car Sales® leverages Hertz's vast network of rental locations to bring you Rent2Buy, an innovative way to buy a used car for sale directly from Hertz. Hertz Rent2Buy carries high-quality rental cars at incredibly competitive used car prices. Additionally, Rent2Buy provides customers with the opportunity to test the vehicle for 3 full days by renting it at a low special rate, which will be waived if the car is purchased.

Hertz used car values are even more attractive when you take into consideration the following benefits:
  • Wide variety of high quality used cars maintained by Hertz professionals
  • Financing solutions for almost every budget
  • Peace of Mind, Hertz backs every car with Limited Warranty (See specific vehicle for details)
  • Vehicle protection plans available to match your budget.
Used car prices

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Used car for sale
used car prices

Buy Direct and Save

used car prices

Hertz Car Sales has streamlined the used car buying equation. It’s you and Hertz, that’s it, no one in the middle. Which is why when you purchase a used car directly from the Hertz rental fleet, you get a well-appointed late model car at a great price!

used car prices

used car prices

Simplify the buying process

used car prices
The Hertz Rent2Buy® program 5virtual showroom where high-quality rental cars are just a few clicks away. Most of our cars are still under original factory warranty and generally have between 25,000 and 40,000 miles. Our convenient online buying process takes the hassle out of buying a used car. The Buying Process - Powered by Hertz's patent-pending technology
  • Reserve your car online for a 3-day rental.
  • Go to the designated Hertz location to pick up your car and test it for up to 3 days
  • If you decide to purchase the car, there is no need to return it9Just logon to My Account, click Purchase Car. We will contact you to explain the details of the sales process.
  • If you decide not to purchase the car, simply return it to Hertz and pay the applicable rental charges.

used car values

used car prices

Learn about our 3-Day Test Rental 1

used car prices

Most test drives are shorter than a trip to the grocery store. You turn, stop at a light, change lanes, accelerate and brake. And what do you really learn? You learn that this is no way to test-drive a used car.

Rent2Buy from Hertz has a better idea:The 3-Day Test Rental process. That’s right, instead of a test drive that covers three blocks, ours covers three days! A 3-Day Test Rental gives you time to see how the car really feels. You can even have it inspected if you like. You might drive the car for years, shouldn’t you have more than a few minutes to really feel what it's like to own it?

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used car prices

Used Car Values

used car prices
used car prices

Used Car for Sale

used car prices
At Hertz Car Sales we know that the most efficient way to improve used car values is by eliminating the middle. Through Rent2Buy, Hertz has been able to lower used car prices offering high-quality, well-appointed used cars often times well under KBB Suggested Retail Used Car Value. 

Start your used car search via the following featured used car list:

With Rent2Buy, Hertz has simplified the used car search experience, eliminating the haggle process and giving you the opportunity to test the car in real life conditions, not just the usual high pressure test drive. Start your used car search by selecting a used car for sale from the links below: